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Watlow Operator Interfaces

Operator interfaces literally provide the connection point between your employees and your automated systems. If the interface is not intuitive and easy to understand, that ends up creating high learning curves, room for mistakes, and institutional knowledge getting trapped in a few individuals who become essential. When things go wrong, those sorts of scenarios do not work well for redundancies and backup plans. Instead, with intuitive and easy to use operator interfaces, your employees and personnel can learn and understand system control far easier, with less learning time, and an easier ability to spread operator knowledge among teams. Your production systems end up being protected and kept running correctly with far more personnel redundancies, regardless of whether someone calls in sick, decides to retire or leave, or can’t make it on the floor for critical operations.

The Watlow Silver Series Operator Interfaces

Watlow operator interfaces offer a variety of choices that work with all types of system controls. While basic text displays are available, symbol and graphical user interface models make it very easy for users to install them, configure and manage in a short amount of time. The Watlow Silver Series in particular is designed and intended for a wide range of uses and applications.

Designed to remove as many unnecessary parts as possible, the Watlow Silver Series advances manufacturing and control systems with operator interface terminal (OIT) Touch Screen technology. These control interfaces are ideal for multi-zone management as well as moving back and forth between different teams and panels of controls displayed vividly for easy understanding. The Silver Series models are designed for compatibility with drives, generic modbus bridges and PLCs, and the screens on the units are available in tight compact sizes to large displays (4.3 inches to 10 inches in size). Connection points are variable and offer multiple commonly-used choices like USB, serial cable, Ethernet or SD porting. The programming for the interface is included and the construction for the Silver Series interfaces are both CE and UL approved and certified. With a two-year warranty on the build and performance, your operational floor is going to have nothing to worry about with Watlow interfaces added on.

A Design for the User

The screens on the Watlow Silver Series are intentionally designed for durability and performance while sensitive to touch for responsiveness and system command changes. These interfaces can be applied in a variety of settings, and application is not limited to U.S. systems alone. The Silver Series models can also be programmed in multiple languages, allowing for greater application with mixed employee labor pools involved. Screens can also be customized for specific needs and are easy to build with the included programming, allowing for an entire library of shapes and symbols that can be associated with known command scripts. The units even include a built-in simulator mode, which makes it easy to run dry tests on your new screen designs to make sure they work as intended. This is the difference with an interface programming platform that is designed for the system manager and user versus just scripting commands in code along. Factory floor and system floor leads will love these terminals and how flexible they are for customization.

Seagate Connects You With Watlow

To find out more about the Watlow Silver Series OIT panels and how they can be incorporated within your production systems or factory controls, connect with Seagate and our technical specialists. The Watlow interface panels options are some of the most advanced available, and practically put other choices to shame with how powerful but simple they can be to operate intuitively. With the Silver Series OIT models from Watlow, you can spend more time producing and lot less time administratively configuring for change as well. Watlow just makes sense.


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