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TVS iQube Electric Scooter: Price, Features, and Availability

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) has grown recently, driven by the need for environmentally friendly transportation options and the development of EV technology. The well-known Indian two-wheeler company TVS Motors is one significant player in this sector. With the TVS iQube, an elegant and environmentally conscientious electric scooter, TVS has entered the market for electric scooters. The TVS iQube electric scooter will be thoroughly examined in this article with an emphasis on its cost, attributes, and accessibility, including the TVS iQube pricing in Delhi and neighboring showrooms.

iQube TVS Price

One of the first concerns that arises when thinking about buying an electric scooter like the TVS iQube is its cost. The tvs iqube price reflects TVS’s positioning of it as a high-end electric scooter. The pricing of the TVS iQube was roughly INR 1.15 lakhs (ex-showroom price, Bangalore) as of my most recent information update in September 2021. Please be aware that a number of variables, including government incentives, demand, and production costs, may have affected prices since then.

Price of TVS iQube ST

To appeal to a larger spectrum of clients, TVS has released the TVS iQube in many variations. The scooter’s regular model, the TVS iQube ST, is one of these variations. The tvs iqube st price less than its more expensive competitors while providing a balanced mix of features and performance. Depending on your region and any active specials or discounts provided by TVS dealerships, the actual cost of the TVS iQube ST may change.

Nearby TVS iQube Showroom

You must locate a tvs iqube showroom near me if you intend to buy this electric scooter. It is not difficult to find a TVS iQube showroom in the majority of metropolitan and semi-urban locations because to the company’s wide network of dealerships and showrooms throughout India. You can use internet mapping tools or the official TVS Motors website to find the closest TVS iQube showroom. In addition, you can get help finding a showroom close to you by contacting TVS customer service.

Price of a TVS iQube in Delhi

Delhi, the nation’s capital, has a sizable market for electric scooters like the TVS iQube. Due to variances in local taxes and levies, the cost of the TVS iQube may be a little different in Delhi than in other cities. It is advised to check the official TVS Motors website or get in touch with a TVS dealership in Delhi if you want the most precise and current price information for the tvs iqube price in delhi . A price confirmation is necessary before making a purchasing choice because prices can fluctuate over time.

Qualities of the TVS iQube

For commuters who are concerned about the environment, the TVS iQube offers a variety of features that make it a tempting option. The TVS iQube has a number of important features, including:

Electric Drivetrain: The TVS iQube has an electric motor that produces rapid torque, allowing for quick acceleration and simple manoeuvrability in city traffic.

Battery and Range: It has a lithium-ion battery pack that offers a respectable amount of range on a single charge. The precise range may change based on the riding environment.

The scooter has regenerative braking technology, which aids in energy recovery while braking and improves overall efficiency.

Smart Connectivity: TVS has built in facilities for smart connectivity into the iQube that let users connect their cellphones to the scooter for navigation and other uses.

Elegant appearance: The TVS iQube has a contemporary, sleek appearance that appeals to people who respect aesthetics.

It has anti-theft protection, remote lock/unlock, and a powerful braking system as standard safety features.

TVS has been working to improve its infrastructure for charging, guaranteeing that owners of iQubes have easy access to charging stations.


The TVS iQube electric scooter is a notable advancement for the country of India’s market for electric vehicles. While its premium price may not be affordable for everyone, it offers a number of features and advantages that meet the needs of urban commuters seeking an efficient and environmentally responsible method of transportation. Whether you live in Delhi or another region of India, it’s imperative to explore local pricing and availability if you’re interested in buying the TVS iQube. To ensure a seamless electric scooter ownership experience, keep an eye on TVS Motors’ official channels for updates on pricing, promotions, and the growth of their charging infrastructure.

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