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Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away

A mosquito’s bite can cause dengue fever and is also painful. Apart from dengue, a mosquito bite can also cause other diseases. In this blog post, we will discuss tips on how you can be safe from mosquito attacks. The great thing about these tips is they are actionable and fast, costing a little money.

Make Sure to Prune Trees and Mow the Lawn

In order to be safe from the sunlight’s heat, mosquitoes find and seek refuge under shade. And for this purpose, hedges and tall bushes of trees provided the best shelter and cooling for mosquitoes. If your lawn or backyard has not been maintained for a long time, it can quickly turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

By mowing and pruning regularly, you can ensure the mosquitoes will not be able to find enough shelter in your yard. This way, these flying insects will stay away. The routine of mowing should be followed weekly. And you need to mow the weedy spots very carefully.  Another important thing is to encourage the neighbors to do the same. Because if your neighbors ignore regular lawn maintenance, the mosquitoes will start accumulating in their space.

Eliminate Standing Water 

We all know that wherever there is standing water, mosquitoes live to be at a spot like that. No matter the amount of water, be it in a glass or a pond, mosquitoes see standing water as their ground for stay. Mosquitoes have the ability to lay their eggs in even in just a tiny amount of water – which means that you cannot afford to leave out water standing in any place, thing or spot.

What you need to do is find such sources of water first and then exterminate the water. Dispose of or drain water present in old tires and buckets. Unused kid’s pools and flower pots. Think of all the things where there’s open water stuck.

We regularly store water in containers in toilets and bathrooms, and in this case, you need to cover the water bucket so that mosquitoes do not find a way in. Fill or cover any stump holes, so water doesn’t get stuck.

Watch out for Pools of Water

Pools of water that cannot be drained should be exposed to a specific treatment for safety. The way to do it you pour a mosquito larvicide in the water so that a thin layer covers the surface. By doing this, the larvae will suffocate without harming other fish. 

The larvicide will produce a toxic spore that kills mosquito larvae – while not causing harm to other species in the water body. This way, you can successfully prevent such spots from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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Contact a Mosquito Control Service

Wooded spaces and ponds are the best places for mosquitoes to stay and lay eggs. Also, the spots mentioned above in your home are welcoming sites. By hiring a mosquito control service, you can rest assured that they will put adequate measures in place to prevent mosquitoes. Professional mosquito control service companies have the requisite tools, advanced equipment, and poisons to keep mosquitoes away for longer.

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