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Ten Home Remedies For A Pinched Nerve Treatment

When a force or pressure is put on the nerve and causes it to send alarming signals to the brain, this condition refers to a pinched nerve. Usually, a damaged nerve leads to a pinched nerve. 

Symptoms of a pinched nerve include weakness, pain, and feeling of numbness. You can use some home remedies to reduce the symptoms of a pinched nerve. But if your symptoms are severe and home remedies are not working for you, consult your doctor.

Ten Home Remedies To Get Relief From A Pinched Nerve

There are many ways that help a person to get relief from a pinched nerve at home.

  • Additional Sleep And Rest

Sleep is important to heal a nerve. The body starts repairing itself during sleep. Try to give more time to sleep if you quickly want to remove the symptoms. Giving rest to the affected area and getting additional sleep to heal pinched nerves in many cases.

It is necessary to stop the overuse of nerves if you are treating your pinched nerve. Overuse can make the damage of your pinched nerve worse. A person who has a pinched nerve should try to avoid doing movements that cause irritation to the nerve. 

  • Posture Changes

A poor posture worsens the symptoms of a pinched nerve. Do not stand or sit using an incorrect position for a longer period of time. It puts additional stress on your body. It can even cause damage to your muscles and spine that leads to a pinched nerve. 

  • Ergonomic Workstation

People having issues with pinched nerves can try to make alterations in their workstations. Using a keyboard and an ergonomic mouse helps to decrease pressure in the wrists and hands. Try to raise the monitor of a computer to your eye level. 

It helps to decrease the symptoms of neck pain. Use a standing workstation in order to make your spine flexible and moving. It can also reduce your back pain. Experiment with different positions and adopt the one which relieves pressure.

  • Pain-Relieving Medications

Over-the-counter pain medications are useful in reducing the symptoms of a pinched nerve. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to decrease swelling. These medicines also relieve pain if your symptoms of pinched nerves are mild. Your doctor may recommend ibuprofen. 

  • Yoga And Stretching

Gentle stretching helps to decrease pressure and relieve tension in the affected area. Try to do yoga to get relief from the symptoms of a pinched nerve. There is no need to stretch deeply because it can make your symptoms worse.

  • Physical Therapy Or Massage

A massage helps to decrease stress and physical pain. Apply gentle pressure at the surrounding parts of the affected area. It is helpful to decrease tension. Full body massage can also relax your muscles. It is not a good idea to do a deep tissue massage.

Extra pressure sometimes makes your symptoms worse. You can use physical therapy, gentle stretches, and massage in combination to reduce pressure on the affected area.

  • Splint

Wear a splint on the area that is affected if it is possible. It helps you to get relief from the pinched nerve. The good thing about the splint is that it prevents you from further damage. 

  • Elevating Legs

Relief your legs if you are experiencing pinched nerves in your back. It helps you to decrease or remove pressure from the area of your spine.

  • Heat Packs And Ice

Try to alter between ice packs and heat. It helps to decrease inflammation and swelling. Combinations of cold and hot enhance the fresh blood circulation to the affected area which helps to relieve pain. Apply an ice pack to the affected area for fifteen minutes.

You have to apply it three times a day if you want to decrease inflammation. We recommend you apply heat packs for a longer time period. 

  • Changes In Lifestyle

As we all know, a healthy lifestyle is important to live a healthy and relaxed life. Try to do certain low-impact exercises to make yourself healthy. These exercises include walking, bicycling, and swimming. These exercises help to reduce the symptoms if you have a pinched nerve.

Your joints get mobility from these exercises for a regular workout. It decreases inflammation and helps your body to move in a flexible position. A sedative lifestyle can make you vulnerable to adopt different health issues including pinched nerves.

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