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How to Handle Stress in the Civil Services Exam?

The Prelims exam for UPSC is approaching for the year. It is a well-known fact that this is the toughest examination in the country. The UPSC makes its assessments by analyzing a candidate’s knowledge as well as aptitude in the examination.

There is simply no doubt in the idea that preparation of IAS exam puts a lot of pressure on the candidates. The syllabus is so vast and diverse making it difficult to memorize all that is being studied. The entire process can be so tiring that it leads to panic and stress.

Stress is the silent enemy that abrade you from within physically, mentally, and intellectually. It can wear and tear your bodies thereby decreasing the activity level of the brain and ultimately, efficiency. But with the right approach you can also fetch good marks and crack the Civil Services Exam.

Through this article, we give you a few handy and practical tricks by which you can de-stress yourself and make your brain work ten times faster. No, this is not quackery but proven techniques that work and more importantly, are easy to do. Applicants of the upcoming examination can go through the UPSC Cut Off to analyse the trend from previous years.

Tips to De-stress for IAS Exam Preparation

  1. Indulge in Yoga – Yoga is the most effective stress-buster and its practice will take you a long way in your life and not just for the exam preparation. It is one of the best ways to help you to manage your stress, depression, and anxiety. It is a mood enhancer and will increase memory power, concentration, and sharpen your brain. If you lack time then meditate and do breathing exercises like the Pranayama for 10 minutes to feel stress-free and relaxed.
  2. Take short Breaks – an important part of the IAS preparation is taking short breaks in between and not stretching long hours of study. Sitting another 10 mins even when you feel you can’t take any more studies would be a waste of time and energy. When your brain is tired and cannot take more things inside. You can increase your efficiency by taking short breaks in between your studies.
  3. Be well-rested – It is imperative to understand that your body and mind both need a proper rest phase every day so as to continue the hard work the next day. A well-rested body is crucial to relax the mind, body and soul. A deep sleep makes you fresh and enhances the retention power. Lack of sleep will cause havoc to your system and also tire you out badly, leaving you with no energy and will to study.
  4. Indulge in a hobby- another way to beat stress is to have a hobby. Anything that you love to do. Do something which makes you happy. Listen to music, read a relaxing book, or do some gardening. You can also indulge yourself in some kind of sports such as running, swimming, walking and cycling. These will keep you pro-active all day long. A morning walk is also enough to rejuvenate your body.
  5. Eat Right – make conscious efforts to eat healthy food whenever you feel hungry. Have well-balanced and nutritious meals. Avoid junk food which is known to cause depression. Avoid taking tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in excess. These beverages will cause indigestion and jeopardize your preparation phase. Include green vegetables, leafy vegetables, healthy food like fruits and nuts as this help to supplement you with adequate essentials for body and brain.
  6. Being Positive – In life, nothing good is easy to get. Always keep a happy mood and reflect on the positive outlook. Try hard to keep a cheerful atmosphere instead of complaining and thinking negatively. Positive thoughts will lift your spirits and get you going.

If you have worked hard and smart, there is no reason for you to worry incessantly. Success will find you if you’ve done your part. You can go through the UPSC Marksheet on the given link which is released by the commission post the interview process.

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