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Divorce is not a Forbidden word

Marriage is all about companionship and celebrating togetherness. Two individuals come close and start having family on a positive note. But in reality, not everyone is not as happy as may seem. Not all matches are made in heaven; some are made in hell. If you are suffering in a bad marriage, you might consider the option of divorce. Our society believes in stereotypes. That’s why divorce rates are way lower in India than in western countries.

But staying in a bad marriage where you are not respected or valued is never a better choice. Divorce is not easy but easier than suffering for life in a bad marriage.

Steps to file a divorce:

Filing the divorce before your spouse gives you more control over the situation. The End of a marriage is never a happy moment. It is a rather traumatic experience. Filing a divorce doesn’t make you a bad person. But if you are afraid in that case, you might consider contacting Divorce Advocates in Bangalore who will guide you through the process.

If both of you want a mutual divorce, then

  • File a petition according to the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 under section 13
  • Then the court will summon both of the parties to appear and record their statements and review the petition
  • Then the first time it will record the statements and six months will be given to them before the final hearing
  • In between this time, the couple has to decide about the alimony or child support, including other things
  • After this duration, if the couples want to carry on the proceedings, then they appear before the courts
  • The judge will legally announce their separation
  • But if the couple can not come to terms with each other, then it leads them to the trial

The trial takes a long time and tons of money. The most important thing is that the verdict will be unpredictable. It may not be in your favour.

If you hire Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore, they will make you understand the process and handle the whole thing on your behalf.

The reasons for divorce increasing:

All kinds of issues can lead to a divorce. For every other couple, there is a unique issue. Some chose to ignore the red flags and stay in the marriage, and some stood up for themselves and asked for a divorce. According to lawyers and marriage counsellors, here are some common reasons for increasing divorce rates in India.

  1. Adultery.
  2. Lack of communication
  3. Midlife crisis
  4. Lack of emotional support
  5. Financial issue
  6. Lack of commitment
  7. No intimacy
  8. Domestic Abuse
  9. Incompatibility
  10. Family Issue
Final Thought:

When we talk about divorce, people will probably raise their eyebrows and give you a judgemental gaze. But think about it this way, staying in a bad marriage for your life is like dragging a dead body around. But there is nothing wrong with standing for yourself and ending an unhappy marriage. You are just choosing peace for yourself.

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