Home Home-decor Decorate your home with Kalagram's traditional handicrafts.

Decorate your home with Kalagram’s traditional handicrafts.

When it comes to the production of arts and crafts for Home Decoration Showpieces, Rajasthan is one of the wealthiest states in the nation. The warlike way of life that Rajasthanis led may have enhanced their artistic talent and creative instincts, which in turn led them to produce some of the most lavish and valuable artefacts. The most dazzling shapes were given to fabrics, stone, clay, leather, wood, ivory, lac, glass, brass, and other materials. From the second to first century BC, art flourished in this area, and it did so for many years after that. There was a formal art school operating in Baroli, in the Hadoti area, as evidenced by the presence of multiple statues. This is supported by terracotta, other stone sculptures, and cave paintings discovered at various locations.

Why shop at Kalagram:

Being affiliated with the already well-known brand “Chokhi Dhani” and being a crucial component of the renowned group’s creative umbrella, Kalagram has access to the knowledge, skills, and guidance of the stakeholders who believe in and dedicate themselves to utmost customer satisfaction through a variety of endeavours. The identification, preservation, and promotion of India’s traditional arts and crafts are the main goals of their work. Kalagram hopes to share the rich history of Indian art and culture with visitors through Decorative Items for Home Online. Providing its customers with traditional crafts and handicrafts from the handlooms collected from all over India under one roof, Kalagram is the one-stop store for anything relating to handicrafts.

Rajasthani home decor that is one-of-a-kind:

  • Marble sculpture:

Stoneworkers in Rajasthan are renowned for their exquisite sculptures carved out of marble, granite, quartzite, and other stones. You may have stunning marble statues of gods and goddesses in your puja area. Additionally, animal or human figurines can offer your TV unit or display a beautiful appearance. These goods are great choices for your home’s design if you want to give it a rich, regal appearance.

  • Rajasthani hand-painted wooden boxes:

Bedroom Decoration Items

Don’t we all like gathering beautifully embellished hand-painted boxes? This nicely constructed Storage Box for Kitchen and home will undoubtedly convince you to buy one. Wooden boxes with hand-painted designs come in a variety of hues and dimensions. Multiple functions are served by the adorable tiny eye candy boxes. These hand-painted boxes can be used to store anything from special spices to charging cords to spare keys and jewellery such as bracelets, finger rings, and earrings.

  • Set of Meenakari horse figurines:

Bedroom Decoration Items

Let’s embrace the age-old Meenakari craft to decorate your home in the manner of Rajasthan. In Jaipur and Udaipur, you may discover exquisite Meenakari crafts. Decorate your living area with figure sets that are decorated with Meenakari work to preserve its charm.

  • Multicoloured floral Meenakari artwork on wooden bajot:

Bedroom Decoration Items

This bajot is perfect for gift-giving and Home Decor Item since it is made of high-quality wood and is embossed with vibrant Meenakari artwork. Use furniture with beautiful tiny paintings to provide that additional classic touch to your living area. Indian mythological tales are depicted in this form of bajot from Rajasthan. The skill of creating tiny paintings is a wonderful way to celebrate a traditional ethnic feel in your décor since they include such profound artwork.

  • Cotton bedsheets with blooming Kantha at work:

Bedroom Decoration Items

Such bedsheets are a masterpiece, embellished with Kantha work details and flower designs. It has a high thread count and is constructed of soft cotton on its whole making them perfect Bedroom Decoration Items. This bedsheet’s regal and opulent attractiveness is a result of the legendary Rajasthani motifs. Because of its excellent thickness, it is the best bedsheet for the winter. Its softness, comfort, washability, and brilliance make it such a desirable commodity.


The ancient Rajasthani ideals and extensive cultural legacy of Kalagram’s crafts and artwork have earned them worldwide acclaim. These decorative pieces, which come in a variety of materials including marble, carved wooden boxes, and more, will give your home an opulent appearance thanks to their dazzling colours and spectacular craftsmanship. Kalagram is the one-stop store for everyone’s Home Decor Items Online, offering more than 1000 exquisite cultural artefacts.

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