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Commercial Pavers In Toledo Know The Difference

Lay People Are Not Concerned. Project Managers Have To Make The Right Choice

Let’s face it, paving projects are not something that the common person considers every day. However, if they land in a pothole, bust their tire, and are late for work quality paving will come to mind. As a business owner you have to consider what’s best for your customers before a problem happens. If you are building a new subdivision or a strip mall you must understand the importance of great paving. Commercial paving projects are grounded in professionalism – no pun intended. Bowers Asphalt and Paving has been around since 1946. They know all aspects of the business and the difference between aggregate and concrete.

The professional staff at Bowers will ensure that your commercial paving project is sound. That makes for repeat business.

Aggregate Is a combination of crushed stone, sand, and gravel. An aggregate mixture is formed by adding cement and water. It is a component of concrete. Aggregate can be anywhere between 60 to 80% of the substantive portion of concrete.  When done properly, aggregate helps the concrete maintain its shape and body. Shrinkage is minimal. Cracking is also minimal when aggregate is mixed into concrete.

Concrete Is essentially a mixture of aggregate, cement, and water. It is important to know what paving material each project requires. Commercial paving companies in Toledo can provide aggregate, and concrete for paving projects.

A Professional Knows What’s Best For Your Project

Asphalt may be the best choice for your commercial paving project. Asphalt tends to be a smoother product to reduce noise and has durability for high traffic. Aesthetics come in to play when trying to draw customers into your business. Concrete is generally lighter and shows where in tear easily, scrapes, grease and oil stains are readily visible. Conversely, asphalt is generally darker and hides these aesthetic problems easily. However, when it comes to paving projects, your customers will only be concerned if they arrive safely without dings or dents due to poorly paved roads. Cost is another significant factor in choosing asphalt or concrete.

When you speak with one of our staffers at Bowers Asphalt and Paving, Inc., we’ll take the time to get to know you and your project. Some of the factors that come into play with your paving project include:

  • The amount of foot traffic on the property
  • The amount of vehicle or traffic entering and exiting your property
  • The land allotment for parking space
  • Will the property get wet often due to industrial use in addition to the natural weather experience?

Taking the time before the project begins to understand what is required virtually eliminates problems down the road. All paving materials need some form of maintenance. However, understanding your project really puts you in the best position to make the right decisions on what materials to use and how to implement them.

Bowers Asphalt & Paving LLC Serves The Northwest Region Of Ohio

Our company has grown from a small pull box venue in 1946 to the company we are today. We are a member of Flexible Pavement of Ohio, the Better Business Bureau, and we are an Ohio BWC drug-free workplace. We are an ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) pre-qualified asphalt paving contractor. That means we can get your job done quickly because Ohio recognizes the quality our company offers. Today, we are using GPS machine control on our excavation and grading equipment. We have successfully combined our grit know-how with cutting edge technology. The projects we perform are done to the highest standard. We started doing simple asphalt repairs and seal coating. Currently, we can perform large parking lots, industrial sites and roads with efficiency and quality.

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