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Best Types of Bands to Hire for a Party

The Power of Live, a Live Nation survey conducted in partnership with Culture Co-op, revealed that almost three-quarters of those polled said that the moments that give them the most pleasure in life are “live experiences.”

Hiring a band is a great way to get people excited about coming to your party as it provides a fun focus, eliminating the chance that party-goers will be sitting around wondering what to say next or looking at their watch trying to figure out a way to make a quick exit. There’s no doubt that live music will ensure a better party, but it’s also important to choose the right type of band that will suit both you and your guests. While you’ll find a ton of skilled talent out there, these are some of the best types of bands to hire.

A Dance Band

If your goal is to get everyone up on their feet and dancing, there are multiple types of dance bands that may be ideal for your party. Eurodance bands provide a style of electronic dance music, while big bands are associated with the Swing Era and can be a lot of fun for a retro party. Of course, there are some bands that are so versatile that they can play just about anything from Top 40 pop hits to country, rock, and soul. 

A Ska Band

Hiring a Ska band is a great way to induce happiness and some wacky dancing like skanking, which pretty much guarantees epic photos. It can be an ideal option for all ages, even grandparents if your guests will be wide-ranging. They might start off with a love song or two to get people on the dance floor like Thrill Me Up by The Toasters or Moment by The Pietasters, either of which is ideal first dance tunes.

Reggae Band

There’s a thin line between ska and reggae. Often reggae bands can cover the world’s top ska tunes and vice versa. Reggae brings that happy vibe with well-known songs like Get Up, Stand Up by the famous Jamaican singer/songwriter Bob Marley who wrote it with fellow Jamaican Peter Tosh. With reggae and perhaps some ska classics too, there’s a great chance your party is going to be a fun night to remember, impressing your guests no matter what their particular music tastes. It’s definitely the best option if your party will be beach/tropical or Caribbean-themed. 

Classic Rock Band

A classic rock band is another great way to enhance the fun, delivering a high level of energy while playing the classics from decades past that tend to bring back awesome memories. It’s a genre that’s sure to be a hit among those who grew up in the 1970s and ’80s with songs like Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer, maybe a little AC/DC’s Back in Black, or going back farther to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. There’s plenty of slow dance options, too, if you want to toss in romance for couples, such as Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.


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