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At Home Pet Pain Management

Seeing your pet struggle with a condition or injury is heartbreaking, especially if you cannot find your pet immediate relief. A veterinarian can provide professional assistance with surgery, therapy, or medication, but what can you do while waiting for your pet’s appointment? Luckily, there are several ways to help manage your pet’s pain and discomfort at home. These methods are safe and effective and can be maintained for long-term comfort.

Physical Therapy

Just as with humans, physical therapy can help relieve pain and tension and help stretch and strengthen tight and injured joints. Physical therapy is an excellent idea for pets who are recovering from an injury or surgery. Often, physical therapy exercises and stretches for pets can be completed in just a few minutes in the comfort of your own home. It is a good idea to work with your veterinarian or a professional pet physical therapist ahead of time to learn the proper way to exercise and stretch the muscles. Overall, physical therapy is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method for at-home pet pain management.

Natural Minerals and Vitamins

Sometimes having the right vitamins and minerals introduced into your pet’s diet can help alleviate pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and degenerative joint diseases. A common supplement is glucosamine. This supplement is commonly found as a powder or in treat form to give to your pet easily. Chondroitin is another supplement that can help mitigate pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis. This supplement can commonly be found in oral treats and chews made for pets.

CBD Oils and Treats

The new wave of medication for people and animals both features CBD, a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. While research and science are still new surrounding the effectiveness of CBD, the health community generally has positive feedback associated with this supplement’s effectiveness. CBD has been known to help reduce pain, decrease anxiety, and even help with arthritis and joint pain. When administered to pets, CBD can be found in chewable treats and oil that can be applied to your pet’s food.

OTC Medication

Some over the counter medication intended for humans can be used for pets if you carefully monitor the dosage. Giving your pet diphenhydramine, or Benadryl, is a great way to help provide your pet some relief from seasonal allergies or anxiety. A good practice is to give your dog one mg of Benadryl for every pound he or she weighs. There are some restrictions to this over-the-counter medication. Never give your dog Benadryl if he or she has heart disease, low blood pressure, or glaucoma. Tagamet HB is another great OTC medication that can be given to dogs experiencing gastrointestinal inflammation. Of course, before giving your dog medication intended for humans, it is best to consult with your veterinarian beforehand.

What Not To Give Your Pet

Although many over-the-counter medications can help mitigate pain in humans, they will not work the same for cats and dogs. Common over-the-counter medicines like Aspirin and Tylenol can cause damage to your pet’s organs and systems because the medication metabolizes differently in pets. Giving your pet common over-the-counter pain medication intended for humans can run the risk of severe health complications such as liver damage, vomiting, kidney dysfunction, and gastrointestinal ulcers. If you question a specific medication, it is always a good idea to contact your vet.


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