• Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Types of Custom Made Glass That Are Making Big In the Industry

Glass is a very important material and since the day it came into existence, it has been used by a number of industries to create a variety of products that fulfill various purposes. Later, manufacturing companies started producing custom glasses to meet the specific needs of their clients. Here is a list of custom made glasses that made it big in the industry. Let’s learn about them.


Blown Glass

Created by the painstaking process of garnering the molten glass, blown glass is then formed into decorative moulds or vessels by blowing, swinging, and rolling on the iron surface. It is a very versatile product that can be easily manipulated by using the preferred design of the moulds. But the main thing that matters is the proficiency of the glassmith. This Custom Made Glass has numerous applications within industrial, engineering and scientific fields.

Pressed Glass

When glass is placed into a mould and pressed into a shape it is known as Pressed Glass. It is a robust product with a wall thickness in excess of 2mm. Being low in alkali content, Borosilicate Pressed Glass has both excellent chemical durability and thermal shock resistance, meaning it doesn’t break with changing temperature quickly. According to your requirements, you can also opt for quartz, opal, coloured, aluminosilicate and lead glass.


Gauge Glass

Tank Gauge is particularly used in vessels that are subjected to thermal and chemical stresses and liquid level. When manufactured by reputable companies, you could be sure that they are superior in quality and are tested on stability parameters. There are two main groups of liquid level gauge glasses are: Reflex and Transparent. You will find both the products in large number of sizes. You can either buy the ones available or can opt for custom made ones. 

Tubular Glass

Only the well established and reputable custom glass provider offers tailor-made Glass Tubing products & services for international growth markets such as pharmaceuticals, industrial and environmental technology as well as electronics and engineering. The High-Pressure Tubular Glass in Plain Clear and in Red Line is the most famous ones and is suitable for Liquid Level Gauge applications. Apart from water level glass gauge tubing, Duran borosilicate tubing, conturax borosilicate tubing, duratan borosilicate tubing, glass rod, quartz tubing/rod, acrylic tube & rod, coloured tube, glass tube forming are some other service industries can opt for according to their suitability.  

Circular Sight Glass

Circular glass is also needed by many industries and to fulfil their demand as well as purpose, professional glass companies offer custom size circular glass in a variety of materials. To improve the strength, the machined glass in certain circumstances is also subjected to toughening and annealing processes. 

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