• Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Area Rugs vs. Wall-to-Wall Carpet: Which is Easier to Clean and Maintain?

Is it time to brush up the look of your home with some new floor coverings? Before you buy, you might want to determine whether wall-to-wall or area rugs will best suit your lifestyle. Whichever you decide, remember that Steamex of Toledo is always here to help keep your home bright, clean, and inviting with affordable rug cleaning services.

Wall-to-Wall Vacuuming and Spot Cleaning Schedule

Your new wall-to-wall carpeting will need consistent cleaning and care to keep it looking its best. It is recommended that high traffic areas are vacuumed twice a week and the rest of the carpet about once a week. This helps prevent dirt and oils from becoming ground into the fibers of the carpet. Spot cleaning should be done immediately and deep cleaning with services by Steamex at least once a year.

Area Rugs are Ready to Shake Out the Dirt

Area rugs can be purchased in a rainbow of colors and patterns in sizes that fit your whole room, a cute corner, or just inside your entry. A vacuum works on these just as well as on carpet, but your smaller rugs can be picked up and shaken or beat to release even more loose dirt. Spot cleaning and annual deep cleaning remain on the same schedule as wall-to-wall.

Sending Out Your Premium Area Rug for Cleaning is a Thing of the Past

If you invest in a silk or hand-knotted wool rug, professional cleaning is highly recommended to maintain its color and comfort. In the past, premium rugs may have been sent out to your local drycleaner leaving you without your rugs for up to a week or longer, while waiting for them to be redelivered and installed. Professional carpet cleaning services now include full area rug cleaning services right in your home. Your cleaner will determine what type of fiber your rug is made out of and use the proper cleaning treatment and chemicals to maintain its vibrance and pliancy.

Perhaps the only true difference between opting for wall-to-wall or area rugs in the maintenance department is the care of the flooring under your rugs. You will need to stay on top of polishing your hardwoods with area rugs, while wall-to-wall will leave that chore to the person that takes up the carpeting for a renovation of the area.

So, shop away! Whether you decide on matching carpeting that flows from room to room in a uniform color, or you love to mix it up with the options of switching out area rugs as you place, cleaning both require regular routine vacuuming and spot cleaning. Once a year, give Steamex a ring to come out to perform a professional deep cleaning to extend its life and maintain its beautiful appearance.


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