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Lost Driving License – How To Replace A Driving License

On the off chance that you are sufficiently disastrous to lose your driving grant there are sure advances that you should experience so as to get a substitution report. It is critical to supplant a lost driving permit as fast as could reasonably be expected. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a few different ways that you can use to supplant a lost report. You can supplant it on the web, via phone or right through the post.

Supplanting a Lost Driving License Online

Applying on the web is the freshest and most effective strategy for supplanting a lost report. So as to apply online you should set up a Government Gateway User ID. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will attempt to get your substitution grant to you inside ten business days at every possible opportunity. So as to apply online you will: .

Activities on the off chance that you lost your driving permit:

Go to the police headquarters that has locale over the territory where your driving permit lost.

Hotel a grievance and ensure you get a duplicate of the First Information Report (FIR).

Visit the Notary office to get an affirmation on a stepped paper. The sworn statement will go about as a proof that you made a vow before the concerned official (chief justice/legal official open/top of the line legal judge) that your permit is lost.

You should pay a little expense for the legal official help and the stepped paper.

Copy driving permit application process:

Go to the RTO. Ensure that you take 3 visa measured photographs, duplicate of the F.I.R and the testimony with you.

Go to the enquiry counter at the RTO and gather the application structure for a copy permit.

Complete the application shape and submit it at the Driving License Branch alongside different records.

After this, you should experience the Biometrics segment. Here, your photograph will be clicked and thumbprint will be taken.

Your copy driving permit will be conveyed inside the timespan expressed by the Asst. RTO official.

You should pay a specific measure of charge for the new DL Book or the Smart Card.

When you get your new driving permit, make a covered duplicate of it. In the event that you have a copy duplicate of your permit, it will be simple for the RTO to follow your subtleties utilizing your DL number.

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